Ciudadela Ibérica of Calafell

The Iberian citadel is located in Calafell or also known as the Iberian citadel of Alorda Park or de las Toixoneras. It is an archaeological site that reflects an architectural reconstruction in situ thanks to an experimental archaeological methodology. It is located on a hill in front of the ponds of Calafell beach. Throughout this visit, the visitor can walk the streets, houses, walls, … of the town of the Iberian Cosetans itself.

Castell de la Santa Creu

Calafell Castle was built in the 11th century to defend the Franco empire from the Muslims, and was later used as a stately residence. Currently the Romanesque church is preserved since its walls were destroyed in the seventeenth century. In 2014, improvements have been made to the accessibility of the site and a mobile application has also been created to complement your visit.

La Confraria

The building of the old Fishermen’s Guild has become, since 2016, the interpretation center of the fishing Calafell. In this place you can discover past anecdotes about the maritime district. The center allows the visitor to know the lifestyle of the fishing community.

Parròquia de Sant Pere

In the past, the Parròquia de Sant Pere was the fisherman’s chapel, built more than 80 years ago and renovated in the 70s of the 20th century.

Calafell Slide

Calafell Slide is a giant summer slide with a length of 700 meters and is located on the Escarnosa Mountain near the old town of Calafell. If you go with children it is an ideal space to share with the family.


Pau Casals Museum

It is the house of the famous musician and composer Pau Casals built in 1909 facing the sea on the beach of Sant Salvador. It offers a spectacular tour of his life both professionally and privately.

Calafell market, sunsets and sunrises

Also, if you want to enjoy a good local fish, don’t miss the Mercat de Calafell where the charm of the residents will make you feel at home. Finally, you can never deny a good sunset or sunrise, so do not think twice and even if you are on vacation, enjoy a good sunrise or sunset with your loved ones.

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