Montblanc is one of the great medieval towns in all of Catalonia. It is located in the region of the Barberá Basin, in the interior of Tarragona, and its medieval historic center is a true marvel.

Its origins date back to the year 1080 and at the beginning of the 14th century its greatest development took place. At that time the great wall that makes it famous today and most of the main civil and religious buildings were built.

The main activity that you can do in Montblanc is obviously touring its walls. In fact, there are guided tours offered by the town hall, and that you can sign up for. These have as a central point the walk through the walls and the climb to one of its towers. In July and August, there are also guided tours but even better because there are night tours at 10pm, which are highly recommended. Guided tours last about an hour and a half and you will not only visit the walls but also the old town. Without a doubt, an activity that you will not forget easily!

Other activities that can be done in Montblanc is to visit the Convent of San Francisco. With an amazing history, this convent is a building from 1230, in the Gothic style but without transept, with arches and a wooden roof. Currently, it is a multipurpose room used by the town hall and from which one has some of the best views of the medieval wall.
Finally you can also visit the Church of Santa María de Montblanc (cathedral and main church) and walk through the main street of the town where you will find the Church of San Miguel.

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