And you may be wondering which is one of the most beautiful natural places in the world …

The Ebro Delta is a natural park located in Tarragona. It is famous for its rice fields, the kilometer-long beaches, the nature reserve, the different species of birds such as flamingos and obviously the majestic river Ebro.

In this place you can perform multiple activities such as observing the great natural reserve. For this, most lagoons have areas adapted for sighting, from small huts to observation towers where you can stop the car and enjoy the views.

Another activity you can do is stroll through Punta del Fangar, located north of the Ebro Delta. This has desert-like dunes and terns and gulls typical of the area. Also, if you like to walk you can walk to the “Far del Fangar” (an hour and a half walking).

If you are passionate about sports, do not miss doing a kayak on the Ebro, it is a fantastic experience.

Also a mandatory visit is “La platja del Trabucador”, south of the Delta. It is a beautiful place where you are surrounded by sea water. In this place it is highly recommended to see the kitesurfing show. You will always find people practicing this sport regardless of the time of year.

Finally, you cannot say goodbye to the Ebro Delta without having tried a good rice (the specialty of the area). You will find many restaurants and your real challenge will be to choose one!

As you can see, there are endless activities to do waiting for you very close. Do not miss the experience, it is very worth it! If you are looking for accommodation to visit this wonder of nature up close, Kursaal Calafell Beach Hotel is your best accommodation option. We will wait for you!


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